You’re not that big of a deal so just lean into your fears

About a month ago, I was listening to The Tim ferris show, the episode where his guest Walter Obrien who is a total badass mentioned the possibility of preserving life by preserving the brain and putting it into another body. This triggered a thought process within me which I was reflecting on and had a flurry of thoughts the following morning. I think preservation of the brain is a very cool concept but it also makes the assumption that the heart is nothing but an organ and there is no soul. We are a society that gives too much credit today (as spectacular as it is) to the brain and too much emphasis is placed on it and in measuring intelligence without understanding the role the rest of the physical body and our energetic being plays. We have cords connected to a place that is presently beyond sciences ability to prove but a place that many individuals have seen and experienced from within. My experiences lead me to the belief that the brain will not function the same without the heart and soul of its original owner although it would be cool to witness when and if that time comes.

What I believe will happen is it will connect with the heart and soul of its new owner and like a hard drive retain the information but depending on who it is, that existing information can be applied and understood differently in another’s body. Also, there will be no more downloading from the original body and energetic being (i.e: soul). By downloading I mean as we are more and more connected to the spiritual being through mindfulness practices the more and more we become open and have the ability to download information and become a vehicle for something thats bigger. Some may be naturals at this and it could be because of past lives but most like myself need to work on it with a daily practice.

It’s important to share here, which I can talk about another time in more depth that as it’s nice to understand where we have come from or find out where we are going (i.e: past and future) which the brain loves to feed on, it is important for this not to take away from the present moment. Become rooted in the NOW. It’s all we have. What do you want to do now? Remember, on one side we want to accomplish as much as possible but also we are planting or should be planting as many seeds of our souls desire. Many of them will not show their fruits for lifetimes to come.

This is an expansive way of approaching our present life so we do not get so caught up in the past or the unknown of the future. Keeping in mind that the soul is where we download from and the true source of information, the heart is our guide and the brain is our hard drive. What will you do today? What are you not doing due to fear? Where are you hesitant to move forward? Are you feeling uneasy or unsettled? If yes, those are the areas to explore deeper and lay out a path to move towards it. This is also a sign that we are living predominantly in our brains.

Notice I didn’t say jump into it. There is nothing wrong with taking little steps at a time towards our fear and true purpose and desire and having a plan to proceed that’s not so shocking to the system. As for your life purpose don’t worry too much about the details. I’ve been thinking about this for years and can say now after taking tiny steps that only now is the fog dissipating and I’m starting to get a sense of my purpose in this life. Purpose is discovered as you tackle your fears and lean into the resistance as Seth Godin talks about in lynchpin. It may take you a couple of years, it may take you lifetimes. In the end it doesn’t matter. What matters is you begin to take the steps forward, stay present and work on getting comfortable with the uncomfortable. That’s it.

I know its cliche to say, but it truly is about the journey and not the destination.

If all we do is focus on one part of us then we are putting ourselves at a disadvantage. We measure IQ by giving all the credit of intelligence or lack thereof to our brain then we end up with limiting beliefs and fixed mindsets. When we expand our awareness and measure intelligence of the entire mind, body, soul our lens widens internally and externally.

So what fear/resistance are you going to step into knowing that this is not your first or last shot? Have that conversation that you’ve been delaying, take that action that is stirring in your belly, do whatever it is that you aren’t doing because you are worried about what others think or worried about the outcome of moving forward. Begin distributing your energy throughout and living from your whole being.

I’ll leave with a lovely note my friend Marsha wrote to me on a flight to Portland last year:

“You are not that big of a deal, so its totally ok to put stuff into the world that isn’t perfect. Isn’t that wonderful!”

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