Three Access Points to the Self

I think a lot about the three access points. The body, mind and spirit. In order to live a happy life from the inside out, I believe we need two out of three functioning optimally in order to reach a high level of happiness and present life satisfaction. If you can get all three going then you are bound to reach some next level success and wisdom. How do we this?

We exercise the body, mind and spirit. We train to strengthen the pillars of who we are.

For myself, meditation is how I maintain my balance, keep clear and experience expansion, so ONE, I have an easier time living a in the external world because I live in equanimity and create internal space to allow the flow of energy. This enables me to be more adaptable in my external life. SECOND, it allows access to my spirit. The clearer the mind, the easier it is to access my spirit and all the intelligence that is available within it and through it. I know, it’s a little out there if you’ve never experienced meditation or had a consistent spiritual practice but I promise it is accessible to all. You are accessible to yourself (if that makes any sense). You are an oil field thats waiting to be tapped but the only person who can tap into you is, you guessed it, YOU!

Some have a very difficult time accessing the mind, or purifying the mind. Their experience in life is so intellectual that the mind is stuck in their heads and to break the damn and get into their bodies is literally emotionally and physically painful so the best way to do it is take the back door directly to the spirit.

Welcome to the world of Psychedelics or Religion. Admittedly, I don’t know the details of psychedelics, I’m just including it because I have witnessed others having breakthroughs. I made a conscious decision not to judge others path of wakening. You pick and choose what feels right for you. There is no one right way, there is no one right path. There is no one path to reach your destination which is purification of the mind. Its your path and your choice as to how you want to reach that destination and more importantly its also your choice as to whether you even give a fuck as to whether you want to reach that destination and discover the depths of you.

I remember when a friend shared with me that she knows where the path to self discovery leads, the path to purification of the mind and the path to access her spirit, but she made a conscious decision of saying, I’m not ready, I love my external world and all the goodness that comes with it.

I have an abundance of love for people who make these types of conscious decisions.

It’s your body,
It’s your mind,
It’s your spirit.
It’s your choice.

If the mind is difficult to reach, you can tackle it from both sides, body and spirit. The purification process will be a lot more efficient.  For me, my ultimate goal is to run optimally from all three areas. The combination of body and spirit purifies the mind from above and below the mind. It s like your cutting weeds from the top (physical exercise) and simultaneously pulling the roots out from the spirit.

Once we reach the purification of the mind, all dissolves and spirit, mind and body synchronize and melt into one which leads to infinite intelligence.

I wish there was a magic pill to reach and maintain this state, but there is not. It requires multiple life times of work although I do believe we are in a collective global self discovery mode which is putting the process of waking up on a fast track and it is beautiful to witness.

Regardless of what is occurring in the mainstream media or any media for that matter, if you just decide to turn it off for a little while, you will begin to see the beauty that I see.

My hope for all of humanity is that we turn down the external volume and increase the internal volume. The world wants to see you. The world wants to experience you. The world needs you.

I’ll end with one of my favourite quotes…

“You are more powerful then you think, act accordingly”. Seth Godin

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