The Unseen

I consume energy
It is so natural that I don’t
even notice it at times,
If I don’t seem like myself
It’s because I’m not
I’m another.

Can someone who is closed be reopened?

If someone who is open become closed?

If the answer is yes to the above then how do we do this?

How do we become conscious of the energy we consume?

How do we become conscious of the energy we distribute?

How can we be conscious of something that cannot be seen or touched by most?

Have you figured it out?

If yes, what are your tools to being conscious of the input and output of energy?

Do you believe this is an important part of your Self, important enough to consciously build awareness around?

The same awareness we have around the food and drinks we consume, around the hugs we give and receive, around the words that we consistently exchange?

Just by reading these questions, just by pondering them, just by having a conversation with another and exploring them, you have begun expanding your self awareness around this untouched and unseen part of you and you have shifted your sense of Self and of the others around you.

Your orbit is pretty bad ass wouldn’t it be nice if you became more intimate with it?

I love your unseen even when it unknowingly consumes me, even when it is so dark and I can’t see.

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