Seeing Red

A partial photo of a piece by Barnett Newman. What looks like a piece of canvas with red paint is so much more. He created this piece for the viewer to have an immediate intimate experience in contrast to the distant experience of other murals found in church’s and public buildings during that time.

Intimacy is even more distant in our time,
Religion has made it impossible to connect with Self,
We are always chasing something, convinced that all goodness is outside of us.

Intimacy is instant,
Intimacy is within,
Intimacy is now.

It is not something in the future,
A place where we continuously reach our hand out towards,
Something that the minute we think we have it,
It is not where we thought it would be,
Turns out it was just an illusion.

My mind made its way to the synergy between religion and capitalism.

Did religion create capitalism or did capitalism shape the religion of today?
Are they separate?
Is it time for a new religion for humanity or perhaps we need to just put back the humanity in religion?
Humanity in religion is currently absent, just like humanity in our governments.

Neither serve the greatness of all but the pockets of a few,
They wrap themselves with security blankets sewed from the blood of others.
Afraid to lose their status and decrease their bank accounts,
Hiding in the illusion of certainty.

Intimacy has indeed been lost.

We need more humanity.
We need more red.
We need more Newman.

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