Relationship Coaching


From the outside looking in, everything seemed great.

I had a thriving business and happy family.

I met a lot of women and had a full social calendar.

I knew how to adapt and flawlessly wear different hats.

But, for most of my life, I still struggled. I wanted deep relationships, authentic relationships; relationships where I didnt have to wear a hat and instead showed up exactly as myself.

Id get home every day and wonder: Who am I? Why do I feel so lonely? Why does it still feel like something is missing?

Of course, I didnt figure it out right away. Instead, I spent the first half of my life lostin TV shows, in movies, in sports. I found myself spending more nights on a hand-me-down, two-seater IKEA sofa falling asleep to the lull of the televisionthan on my brand new, unused $2,000 mattress. What am I doing? I began to wonder. Why am I watching all of these people on television, making millions doing what they love, while I wake up sleep-deprived with a crick in my neck?

I realized my life wasnt serving me. I canceled my cablethough not before making my first and last infomercial purchase of a Tony Robbins boxed CD setand began my new life of self-discovery and personal growth.

Its been almost 15 years since that moment. Since then, I have lived multiple lives, had ups and downs, learned so much about relationships with women, with friends, and with family, too. More importantly though, I have learned that the depth and quality of the relationships I have in my life are a direct reflection of the depth and quality of the relationship I have with myself.

It wasnt until 2015after a lot of self discovery work, coaching, therapy, books, and personal development programsthat I reached a point of feeling 100% good enough exactly as I am.

I love who I am and I love being myself. Today I wear only one hat; the one hat that is mine and only mine to wear.

If you are struggling to find love . . .

If you are unsatisfied with the relationships in your life . . .

If you are tired of wearing too many hats and always compromising yourself . . .

If you go to bed with an uneasiness or heaviness, feeling that something is missing from your life . . .

. . . I get it.

And my heart goes out to you, because for most of my life, I also went to bed with an uneasiness, a heaviness, and a loneliness, even though it seemed as if I had it all together. My external life was a reflection of my internal life, even if nobody else could see it.

But heres what I learned: Romantic relationships mirror all that we need to work on (and I dated women who gladly held those mirrors up for me). I closed my eyes to this for as long as I could, but when I finally opened them and really began to see myselfthats when the work and the growth and the journey to truly being (and loving) myself began.

The women I have loved helped me become the man that I am.

And I want to help you get here, too. I want to first help you deepen your relationship with yourself; to help you feel good enough with who you are. I want to hold up the mirror, and gently walk you into yourselfall while supporting you along the way; providing a foundation to stand on as you build your own.

I can be your sounding board.

I can be your most patient friend.

I can be someone who listens and asks the tough questions.

I can be someone who openly shares their experiencesnot so you follow my lead, but so you can learn from it and forge your own path.

If youre ready to go through your own self discovery process,

If youre tired of putting yourself last and pleasing others,

If you want deeper relationships with friends, family, and lovers . . .

. . . then I hope youll reach out to me.

Heres how it works: Well talk for an hourfree of charge. This is our opportunity to get to know each other. Much like a first date, theres no strings attached. Your stories, your experiences, and even your struggles fill me up and keep me connected to you and to the world. I am open. I am here for you. Feel free to share your storyand ask lots of questions!

If you want to work together after that, then well set up our calls on an as-needed basis.

I dont do contracts. I dont have programs. I will never ask: How can I best serve you?

Because heres what I know for sure: You are unique. You are on your own path. And there is no one-size-fits-all solution to getting you where you want to be.

What there is is a connection and a conversation between usone during which I will listen, I will question, and I will challenge you to be the man or woman you know you can be. The one you want to be. The one you will benot just in relationship to others, but in relationship to yourself.

I look forward to connecting and having a conversation with you.