Revolving Door

For a large part of my life I jumped from box to box to box until I finally had enough confidence to start building my own box. My

favourite boxes are  the ones with revolving doors where you can come and go as you please. It was like our house growing up. My

dad loved refer to our home as a Sheraton hotel with a revolving door. Neighbourhood kids were free to enter our space and use

our sporting equipment without any permission required. Is there a risk of theft? Absolutely. However, the risk of theft was worth

it and at times things were stolen, but the downfall and temporary monetary loss did not come close to equating to the joy of

being open. So today, I live in my own box that I designed with a revolving door like the Sheraton Hotel. Come and go as you

please. I will neither force you to stay or leave. Take what you need and I trust you will return it one day.

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