Creative Connections

Spent first part of my day in Tate Modern. I learned something very interesting about Museums over the last few years. Walk through it, scan the work and you will have an energetic draw to those works that align with your inner being. Don’t try to analyze and make sense of the works. If out of 200 pieces of art – sculptures, paintings, photography etc…only two or three pull you in, thats ok. It’s how it should be. Those pieces that pull you in, spend time with them, be there with them because it will open up treasures within yourself. It will inspire you to be greater to do greater. If you get this, it will be a trip well worth it. You don’t have to see or connect with everything. You don’t have to understand or make sense of every piece or take pictures.

I love when a piece just pulls me in and triggers an emotional response from deep within, sometimes even making my hair stand, others inspire me to do something to evolve, to draw to paint and other pieces generate new ideas from the heart and soul. Actually, all pieces should be enjoyed from the heart and soul, not from the mind.

Rick Rubin talks about this with his interview with Tim Ferriss. He talks about the importance of exploring other forms of artistic expression to bring out our inner wisdom and creativity. To be inspired to be greater from the place of the heart and soul. It’s where real greatness is generated from.

It could be a song, a lyric, a sentence, a poem, a painting, or a film. The forms of potential inspiration are endless. If you don’t know where to start, just start anywhere. Don’t think about it. Go to theatre, watch a movie, pop into a museum or check out a concert.

We are all creative beings but most of us have had creativity suppressed, told to be practical instead. What is the logical and rational thing to do. Logic and ration have its place, but it’s behind creativity, it really needs to take a back seat right now. We have suppressed it to the point that the only way to unleash it, to take the veil off, to unblock it is through external inspiration. Make it your purpose to find your creative connection. It will lead you to finding yourself, to be yourself and love yourself more then you could ever imagine which eventually results in loving others more deeply.

You will eventually find a creative connection so deep that it is like gravity is pulling your creative being out from the dark corners, from under the rocks that have befallen on top of it through the avalanches of societal expectation of logic and rational, that you will have no choice but to express your deepest inner self and share your creativity in forms that align with who you truly are.

Make those creative connections. It’s time now. We need you to come out from under the rubble and shine our creative light

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