Masturbation – To release or not to release?

Men carry the seeds of humanity. How much energy does each sperm hold? I don’t know, but considering its the seed of life I’m going to say a fucking ton. How is that for scientific measurement?

Every time we ejaculate we release our energy and if we shift our mindset and see ourselves as primarily energetic beings as oppose to mere physical beings then we can begin to explore and feel the pros and cons of masturbation.

A few points from my own experience with masturbation:

  • Personally, I carried guilt and shame around the act of masturbation (a result of eastern/Islamic upbringing in a western world). Every time I pleasured myself the weight of guilt and shame would way me down so much that the next day I fell into a mini depressive state.
  • Simultaneously, I was energetically exhausting myself because each time I masturbate there is an enormous release of energy which required a day or two to recover (for some it could take weeks).
  • We can’t talk about masturbation without bringing in the world of pornography and it’s excessive consumption due to accessibility and quality. We are programming our brains, especially our youth in a way that is unhealthy and results in physical, emotional and energetic mistreatment and abuse towards others, especially women. The ‘why’ here requires a much deeper exploration, but one thing that results from excessive consumption of porn is unrealistic expectations.

Admittedly, my experience with porn wasn’t all bad. Yes, it wired my brain in some unhealthy ways (fortunately I don’t have an addictive personality and I consciously controlled consumption) but in many ways it taught me how to have sex. How and where else would I have learned? It’s not like we received a penis manual in Catholic or Islamic school (I know, shocking, no penis manuals in religious school?).

We inherited a very powerful tool that came with zero instructions.

I cannot speak for everyone, I will only share what I have experienced and practiced. Since January 2015, I’ve stopped watching pornography and aside from three to five times (only once this year), no masturbation. Yes, only three to fives times in three years!

Don’t worry, nobody has been harmed in this longitudinal study.

Cutting out pornography and masturbation greatly improved my dating life. I had the energy, drive and desire to really get out there, be social and connect with women and not just romantically.

I learned that intimacy comes in many forms.

If you are interested in experiencing a life without masturbation and pornography, I would check out the Tim Ferries challenge from a few years ago called NOBNOM. No masturbation or booze for 30 days but sex is permitted. Obviously no porn unless you like torturing yourself.

As a man, if you are living in a major city like Toronto or New York then withholding from masturbating without alternative ways of moving your energy can lead to discovering your miserable Self. Here is a link to Taoist Secrets of Love, Cultivating Male Sexual Energy (closet thing you will ever find to a penis manual) which teaches you how to distribute and move the energy from your pelvic floor.

It’s only beneficial to NOT masturbate if you have a partner and/or learn to distribute and move the retained energy throughout your entire being.

The question that I get is, why do you not get tired after sex but tired after masturbation? The reason according to Taoists and Ayurvedic texts that I’ve read is that women have unlimited yin energy which replenishes our energy and balances it out after we release.

This brings to surface another idea that I have been developing an awareness and deeper understanding around. On the surface men seem to want to sleep with every women that enters their orbit and are obsessed with a women’s physical body. However, what I believe we are actually thirsting for when we go deeper is a women’s yin energy to balance our yang energy.

Then why are we so focused on the physical? Well, this is where porn but equally the mainstream media comes into play. We have put an incredible amount of importance and emphasis on the female’s physical body. Just stand in line at any pharmacy store and scan the magazines by the checkout counter.

For many, a life without pornography and masturbation is unimaginable. I understand. I’ve lived with that mindset like most men.

Three reasons that I am able to live my life without pornography and masturbation:

  • Practicing yoga and meditation helps move and distribute my energy throughout my entire being. I have recently dived into kundalini yoga which among many benefits, helps move my energy from the pelvic floor.
  • Learning and working towards mastering Taoist sexual practices which I am far from mastering, makes me a better lover and also helps when I’m single.
  • My improved dating and sex life is a direct reflection of seed retention, my energy has increased and my brain has created new pathways which has led to attracting incredible lovers.

We are all unique in respect to our sexual needs and desires. All I request is that you play with your Self (I know where your mind just went) in a different more evolved way and begin paying closer attention to your own energy after consuming pornography, masturbating and having sex.

After three years of almost no masturbation or pornography here are a few shifts and benefits I’ve experienced:

  • Relationships with women evolved from a predominantly physical connection to a more energetic connection.
  • Appreciation for the beauty of a women’s physical body is still there but l only desire women that I connect with energetically which narrows it down to a few and I no longer suffer from what Barry Schwartz calls the Paradox of Choice.
  • The ability to retain my seed leads to functioning at a higher vibration. When we begin functioning at a higher vibration we attract different types of lovers, friends and also aligned life opportunities.
  • Alcohol, drugs and unhealthy foods are counter intuitive to the preservation of this seed so desire to alter my state of mind lessened over time. Plus, the high I feel from all the excess energy I distribute throughout my body is like none other.
  • Increased intimacy with my partners. When the root of a connection begins with our energetic being, making love is taken to an entirely new level.
  • Dating real women as oppose to Friday night dates with my laptop naturally led to more intimacy, a more fulfilled life and decreased loneliness.

Warning: Drawbacks when you cut out pornography and decrease/stop masturbating:

  • Your right hand will lose it’s best friend. It’s sad, but I promise, it’s fucking worth it.
  • You will experience more intimacy in your relationships and not just romantic relationships.
  • You will connect more deeply with your Self
  • You will create space in your brain to think about something other then imagining where you want to stick your penis which leads to a 1000% increase in productivity.

The road to syncing the physical, energetic and spiritual body I believe is the ultimate goal of humanity. Most are overly obsessed with the physical being, some with the energetic and others with the spiritual. However, the conscious evolution of humanity is to move towards a collective synchronicity, but it begins with the energetic body, because it is the bridge between the physical and the spiritual.

In my experience, preserving the seed of life is a wonderful place to begin to connect more deeply with my energetic Self.

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