Love affair gone sour

There was once a time when me and sour keys had a beautiful relationship. Every time I had some money I would take them out on a date with my taste buds which would usually start at the local convenience store. The problem was it was more of a Romeo and Juliet ending as oppose to Sleepless in Seattle.

See, as much as my taste buds wanted to spend time with sour keys and deepen the relationship, my parents worked very hard to keep us apart. I vowed that one day when I’m an adult making my own money I’m going to make sure that sour keys and my taste buds spend as much time together as possible. No one will keep us apart!

Unlike Romeo and Juliet, me and sour keys are very much alive, but the same could not be said for our relationship.

Now that I’m an adult (most of the time) and I earn my own money, I sadly have moved on and no longer desire to reestablish my connection with the delicious little fuckers.

I know, trust me, it still breaks my heart. However, one thing I do well is learn my lesson (ok, maybe not well and there is probably room for a lot of improvement). Now when I desire something I don’t wait. I make a plan, although a shortened time frame, I still painfully procrastinate, but eventually I do it.

For most of my life I postponed my deepest wants and desires for some unknown future date.

Have you ever heard someone say, when I retire I’m going to travel the world?

Let this sour key experience of mine be an expansion of awareness for you and me. What we desire at age 30 for example, will be different then 40 and what we desire at age 40 will be different from 50. You get where I’m going with this?

If you are 30 and really want to back pack in South America, make a plan and fucking do it, because even at the age of 40, being the healthiest I have ever been, it is not my first choice and for most of us, who the fuck wants to back pack anywhere in there 60’s, 70’s or 80’s anyways? Not this guy.

Oh well, where one relationship ends, another begins. Me and chocolate chip cookies have become quite intimate over the last few years (sorry sour keys, but I’ve evolved). I don’t know how long it will last but I cherish every moment we have together. Sometimes we even invite oatmeal and it becomes quite the threesome. The only threesome I will probably ever have.

Is there anything you deeply desire in this moment but holding it off to experience some day, one day in the future?

If you always dreamed of backpacking Europe. If you always wanted to change your job or start a business. If you want to take cooking lessons, dancing lessons or sing karaoke. Just do it. The desires don’t have to be big they just need to be yours, they need to be heard, given some love and affection and applied before they reach there inevitable expiry date.

We have collectively created a habit of denying ourselves of even the tiniest enjoyment and opportunities to express ourselves for the sake of adulthood and so called responsibilities (i.e. excuses).

Whatever desire you are suppressing in this moment just remember, you may not want tomorrow what you want today.

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