Treat these words like pieces of Lego.

Lego pieces to build a new foundation.

We are so thirsty for change.

We build the new on the old,

only to find our self returning back to the mould.

We yearn for something more, something new,

A deeper desire, from a deeper place.

A desire that wants to jump out from every cell within your space.

Beautiful moments happening every second, every hour, every day,

yet we speed by the sweetness of life, leading ourselves astray.

For the car crashes, we slow down to see,

we crave to learn more, we raise our curiosity.

Spotlight shined on the darkness of humanity,

light, ironically, housed in the dark.

I consume words as consciously as I consume food.

Current events a thing of the past.

It’s not that I don’t care, it’s that I care too much.

The upward battle to align with self,

thriving to survive in an expired ecosystem.

Behaviour that is killing the micro and the macro,

Killing me, you and all living beings.

Don’t you see that your attention sets the intention?

That the words you are eating are oozing out of your being?

You are what you consume, so the question is,

Who are you?

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