Kickstarting the energetic revolution

Dear Being,

You want to clear me,
But don’t you see?
You can’t clear the one that is the clearer.

Your’s truly,
The Mind

The mind is not something to be cleared. The mind is something to master, to control and to move consistently throughout ones body. It is the lawn mower, the weed whacker, the root extractor for our entire being.

The mind is a true multi-tasker as it can activate multiple areas of our body simultaneously.

The mind is like a pinball in a pinball machine.

Today our mind spends most of its time in the brain pinging away obsessively, triggering the same sounds (i.e. thoughts) over and over and over again.

It’s so annoying that we plug in our headphones and blast our music to drown out the repetitive, seemingly permanent thoughts. We binge watch Netflix (guilty as charged) and consume alcohol and drugs because it provides a temporary relief from the everyday.

I get it. I did it (sometimes still do). All of it and then some.

I have no regrets getting hammered. No regrets getting high. No regrets drowning myself in music and binge watching hours and hours of television, just to distract the fucking mind even if it was just for a brief moment. I welcomed any temporary relief with open arms.

In my twenties I began to contemplate and pose the question, “what is the difference between mind and brain?” but never received a clear answer. In fact most people never even thought about the difference. Like myself, many spoke about the mind and brain as if they were the same.

“I need to free my mind” or “I need to relax my mind” or “my mind is so exhausted”.

What are you freeing it from? What are you relaxing? What is exhausted?

I’ve learned, when we make these statements, what we were actually referring to is our brain.

So how do we separate the mind and brain?

I began a meditation practice in my mid-twenties and to be honest, I had no idea how to meditate or it’s purpose, but for whatever reason, it piqued my curiosity. Deepak Chopra in his book The Seven Laws of Spiritual Success, spoke about the following three practices in his first chapter:

  • Meditation
  • Sitting in Silence
  • Spending time in nature

I didn’t know how to meditate but I understood silence and spending time in nature, so that is where I began.  

Many of us start meditating and more often than not come to the conclusion “I can’t stop thinking. I suck at meditation”.

Here is a little secret I’ll share with you. The goal is not to stop your thoughts. It is not to quiet your mind or clear your mind. To attempt to clear the mind is like saying I want to stop my heart from beating and still live.

Meditation is a practice to gain control of our minds, to move and free it from the brain and consciously connect and activate the rest of our being.

As you learn to control your mind and to move it throughout your being, you inevitably reach deeper places within your own body, you begin to clear the roots from the seeds that were planted by all those who surrounded you. Seeds planted by your family, your teachers, your friends, society and the mainstream media.

You connect with yourself at a very cellular level, beginning the process of resetting and clearing the weeds that have been preventing you from seeing and rocking your full Self.

If it’s not clear yet, it’s not the mind that you are trying to simmer down, it is the brain that you are trying to give a break. The poor brain. The mind (pinball) is just dinging it so excessively that we have created a multi-billion dollar industry around treating mental illness.

Mental illness is a result of parking our minds in our brains and neglecting the rest of our being.

Why is meditation so hard?

Why can’t we sit and just drop out of our brains into the rest of our body?

Even for those who have been meditating for years, why can’t we stay whole and balanced and not get caught up in our brain so much?

If I miss one day of meditation I can feel my mind being dragged back upstairs. It’s like my mind is made of iron and my brain is the magnet.

Here is the deal. Our entire ecosystem is built around the brain. In this concrete capitalistic jungle the brain rules and our minds job is to adapt to the environment. It is our beings survival mechanism.

Have you ever gone to the cottage, to a yoga or meditation retreat or on a vacation where you engulfed yourself in nature? By the end of it, how relaxed did you feel? How connected were you to your body? Your entire being? How quiet and calm was your brain? Isn’t it incredible how sitting our ass on the beach in front of the powerful energy of the ocean or in a cabin in the middle of a forest eases the minds chokehold on our brain (or perhaps its the brains hold on the mind)?

Whether its the mind strangling the brain or its the brain placing demands on the mind, its important to develop awareness around the difference between the two because this will allow us to begin the evolution of our individual and collective consciousness and kickstart the energetic revolution.

Nature knows how to just be and when we spend time with it, we adapt to it’s stillness. When we come back after a spiritual retreat or a relaxing vacation, we can’t sustain it for too long because the dominant energy of our big city life is to park our mind in our brains. Even if you don’t want to, your mind will end up there unless you consciously develop a daily meditation and physical practice.

Yoga, running and other forms of fitness are complementary to meditation as it helps our mind connect with our whole body.

A few years back on a retreat in Costa Rica, I experienced for the first time the power of physical movement and meditation while being surrounded by nature. Meditation is incredible for taking control of the mind and physical movement compliments it beautifully.  For example, yoga opens up the body to allow the mind to enter with ease, to travel beyond the confinement of the brain.

The mind is the bridge between the physical body and the spiritual body. Many will say, I don’t believe in the spiritual being. Like meditation, accessing the spiritual body is not a belief, its a practice.

A recipe to elevating your consciousness:

  • Learning to sit in silence for 5 minutes a day will develop self awareness.
  • Learning to sit in silence in nature connects you to a deeper intelligence that resides in the earth’s core.
  • Learning to sit in silence, spend time in nature and meditate, you will begin connecting to universal consciousness from within.

Don’t wait for science to make your move.

We have an incredible opportunity to take control of our destiny, to consciously elevate humanity. We have a choice to create the world we want to live in. It’s about each human being playing their part in elevating their own consciousness and it begins with the mind. Focus on mastering, getting control by taking over the remote and becoming your minds guide. Begin to explore and activate your whole body.

We all begin at the surface but eventually, with time and practice will reach the depths of our Self.

You are so much more than what you are displaying at this very moment. To be completely blunt, humanity depends on you. This is no longer a spectator’s game. We don’t have time to wait multiple lifetimes. It is in this moment that we need everyone to enter the arena and play their part.

We parked our minds in our brains for centuries and it worked. It evolved the brain and it served us well but’s it’s time to take control of our minds and begin designing a new ecosystem that involves human intelligence from head to toe, involving every fucking cell within our body.

I’m not asking you if you want to take the blue pill or red pill. I’m saying take both. .

For a brief moment we give ourselves a mini vacation from the incessant thoughts of our brain which is activated by the mind. We drown our minds till it has no choice but to surrender to the rest of our body. Drowning and distracting the mind is like keeping a beachball under water. As soon as the hand releases (i.e. the buzz fades) the mind pops right back up into the brain.

It’s not that we have lost our mind, it’s that we have lost control over our mind.



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