God is in my genitals

Surrounded by Judaism 

Surround by Catholicism 

Drowned by Islam


It is not the originals but it is your book of perceptions that you surrounded and drowned me in

You wrapped my roots with a ball and chain with the promise that suppressing my desires is the ticket into the heavens 

You disconnected me from others and shamed me from abundance 

You disconnected my power 

You locked up my heart 

Strangled my voice 

Put a veil over my eyes

A ceiling over my heaven

You suppressed me and my desires, you shamed me and filled me with debilitating guilt in the name of God

Lucifer I found you another customer to burn in your hell fire!

It is not me but your books of perception that will end up in Lucifers fire

You promised the heavens through suppression of desires but sexuality and spirituality are two sides of the same coin

You promised if I suppress my desires I won’t  go to hell, but don’t you see that we are already burning?

You say God is everywhere out there but it is not in me?

With one hand you suppress her and treat her rose like a light bulb that turns on and off as you please fit and with the other hand you release the seeds of life and flush it down into our oceans as if there is an endless supply 

Have you no respect for the energy of humanity?

You disconnected me from the very God you were promising through suppression of my desires 

Your book of perceptions turned out to be a book of deceptions 

God is out there you say

I see what you have done

It is both evil and brilliant

You had me but I found the key

I have unlocked your chains

And freed myself from your hold

I have opened the gates to heaven 

I am following all my desires

Because sexuality and spirituality are two side of the same coin

I unlocked the chains you used to suffocate my roots

I’ve begun to embrace abundance and swim beneath the surface

Swimming in the deep end of relationships

I am plugged into my power

I show up with an open heart

I have started to share my voice

I have begun to see 

I’have just got a glimpse of heaven on earth

You look outside and scream out loud to whoever will lend you an ear

The world is ending!

The world is ending!!

The world is ending!!!

I say to you

This world is not ending!

This world is not ending!!

This world is not ending!!!

Because I’m only just fucking beginning 

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