Getting Comfortable with the Uncomfortable

I was thinking about Improv which lead me to thinking about consciously putting myself in uncomfortable situations where I had no choice but to participate. I know this is a little extreme but trust me, when you are in an improv class with twenty plus other people you’re not going to wuss out and eventually you will begin to even have an awesome fucking time.

You also begin to realize that you are not alone in being nervous. We are all afraid to embarrass and make fools out of ourselves. So, go ahead and just be a fool. You got lots of company.

This lead me to thinking about zip lining in Arenal, Costa Rica and almost bailing. I would have totally bailed after the trial runs if a cute petite blonde Cuban gal from Sacramento, California wasn’t like, “lets do this!!!”. I know its sad, but I couldn’t bail after that right?

In order to grow, we need to place ourselves in uncomfortable situations, to help us get out of our comfort zones and expand our self. Sometimes we need to place ourselves in a group setting especially in the beginning so we don’t chicken out.

I chose to signup for improv so I can be sharper in my daily life and stop being scared of looking like a fool and always being nervous, especially around women. It was to build courage in my every day life and grow some balls. It really helps when there is a group of people, a community who are willing to look as silly as you. To be as vulnerable as you. We are knowingly or unknowingly bouncing courage off of each other. Feeding off each others energy

In the case of zip lining, sure, my ego was triggered a bit but I couldn’t say no and get off the ride early when there was this shorty with the courage of a giant ready to do something daring. Consider it as just a little push to walk over that edge. When was the last time you walked over the edge? When was the last time you took yourself out of your comfort zone?

Tim Ferriss interviewed Jamie Foxx (Awesome interview if you haven’t checked it out yet).

Jamie Foxx said, “you know whats on the other side of fear? Nothing.”

I love that but I would say that on the other side of fear is something. It’s called evolution. Evolution of the self.

Putting ourselves in uncomfortable situations where we are motivated by external factors to dive in helps us grow. The more we dive in, the more we begin to shed years of nurture and begin to see more and more of our own nature.

The more we dive in, the less we will need external motivation. Before you know it, you will be zip lining into more and more uncomfortable zones on your own accord because the uncomfortable will eventually become the comfortable.

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