Ever Evolving Resources

The following resources have meant the world to me and I hope they give you new perspective as well.

Keep checking back, as I’ll be rotating these links periodically.

All the best, Talib


Why are the audiobooks below my favourite?
Because they didn’t put me to sleep.
The key is the narrator. Yes, content is important but if the narrator is dull and boring then you may end up falling asleep while driving and we definitely don’t want that right?
A quick side note. The Mans Guide to Women and The Four Hour Work Week were so fucking good that I have both the book and audiobook. So. Good.


Here are a list of books that have greatly impacted my life and continue to impact my life.

They are books that I have read multiple times, return too on a as needed basis for inspiration and guidance. They are books that have expanded my mind, body and spirit which by default expands my view of the world.

They are books that have inspired me to live an authentic and courageous life every single day.