Business Coaching

I grew up around entrepreneurship.

I watched as my father built his businessseeing the excitement, the freedom, and the success, as well as the struggles, the failure, and the heartbreak. I saw and felt the impact it had on our family, both positive and negative, every single day.

And I know thats the reality of starting your own business, of working for yourselfits not easy. There is always a new challengesometimes external, sometimes internal, often bothto conquer. But after years of watching my father, I decided to accept the challenge too.

I never witnessed my dad or his brothers (or anyone else, for that matter) reach the point where they were not working in their business, rather than working on it. Their mentality was that nothing trumped hard work and no one else could be trusted to get the job done. So when I joined the family business, I soon found myself working 90 hours a week, sleeping in the office (or my car), and eating fast food instead of energizing meals.

I didnt want to delegate, I didnt want to let go.

And understandably so. Its hard to let go when your business is your baby; its your identity. When you start to pass on the daily tasks youve taken on to build this businesswhen the work isnt so crazy, so hardyou might wonder: What the fuck do I do now? Whats my role? What do I do with myself?

I get that. I felt that. But the alternative wasnt sustainable. My business couldnt growand neither could Iuntil I learned to let go. So I chose a new path.

I went from working 90 hours a week to 15-20 hours a week. I went from doing everything myself to having an incredible team who runs my business. And I love and trust them. I support them even when they make mistakes. Once I learned to hire the right people, with the right attitude and the right skill sets, everything changed. My life and my business evolved.

Now I have the space to be creative, to be innovative, to build my business from a place of stability and on a strong foundation. I am healthy, balanced, and growingand my business is, too.

My journey is not an unusual one. One of the many things Ive observedfirst with my father, then with myself, and now with nearly every business owner I meetis that they always hit a ceiling. We create and build as much as we can, up to a point; but eventually we hit a fork in the road. As with anything in life, when you reach that fork, you can choose to stay status quo or you can change the way you do business. You can keep working the 80-90 hour weeks, you can continue ignoring your health and happiness, you can keep putting your business before your life.

Or you can choose something different. What are you choosing?

Are you tired of the long hours?

Are you tired of the monotonous daily tasks?

Are you tired of sacrificing your life for your business?

Are you at your fork in the road?

If you truly want to evolve your business and yourself, then you need to make a left when you hit that fork. You need to hire right, finding people who are smarter than you in every area of your business. You need to take over growing your business. You need to take back your life.

But you dont have to do it alone. I may be able to help.

If you want both your business and your health to flourish . . .

If you want to focus your time and energy on growing your business . . .

And if you want to find a healthier balance between your business and your life . . .

. . . contact me via the form at the end of this page.

Heres how it works: Well spend an hour on the phone getting to know one another. If we want to take it a step further after that, and start exploring how we might work together, well have one more 60-minute meetingin person (if youre in Toronto) or on Skype. Neither call will cost you a thing.

Thats two hours together at no charge.

Because my objective is to save you time, not waste it. I want us both to be sure that were the right fit to work together; that I can actually help you get your life back and grow your business at the same time. And if I can, well create a coaching structure that works best for you, your business, and what both need to flourish.

Does that sound good to you? If so, then lets talk. I look forward to connecting with you.