Beethoven’s Keys

He impacted the world through the piano. His soul shined and sang as his fingers danced on the keys.

What is my piano? How will I share my souls song? To express my music without the worry of whether others understand it?

What’s more important then singing and dancing the ways that I know how?

As I write, I am beginning to come alive.

As I allow the words inside of me to fall onto paper, I feel the space being created within.

I feel lighter, my breath moving freer.

The fog is beginning to clear, the heart space filling with the light from above.

So blessed to have all these outlets, to bring my PH level back to neutral.

Neither acidic nor alkaline, the chemistry of my being a fine balance.

Teetering always on the brink of chaos, of losing control.

The book, the cushion and the mat bring me back home.

Rooted below, connected above, shining front and back.

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